The Senior Managers Regime & Certification Regime are now in effect, are your systems effective?

The risks and consequences of failing to adhere to the new SMR and Certification regimes are too important to leave to ad-hoc, manual and unsustainable processes.

Will your Senior Managers Regime solution stand the test of time?

Do you have 100% confidence that your solution is robust enough to meet the rigorous demands of SMR?

Do you know who needs to be Certified in your firm and how you will ensure it happens?

Insight CERT has been designed and built specifically to meet and exceed the requirements of the new Certification regime

Senior Insurance Managers Regime - Are you ready?

Governance Mapping, Scope of Responsibilities and Conduct - is your insurance firm ready?

Insight SM&CR – The Award Winning SMR, Certification and SIMR Solution

Only Insight SM&CR has been specifically built to meet the rigorous needs of SMR, Certification and SIMR – giving you complete confidence that your regulatory obligations are comprehensively met with accuracy and efficiency.

We have recently been voted Best SM&CR solution for the 2nd year in succession!

Don’t be satisfied with an ad-hoc solution

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